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Posted on: Tháng Mười Một 4, 2010

Till now, I admit the saying: what u’ve thought about much while awake leads to yr dreams. And these days, that I had lots of dreams makes me feel weird n confusing.
I myself obviously have my wishes n worrying as well, the thing is that they occur in my dream all from what I scare most to what I long to be real. Normally, all the nonsenses come in and out easily no matter how good or bad they r, though I was sleeping still knew they were not true at all. NOW, THEY’R NO MORE.
Somehow, I couldn’t be sound enough to wake up my mind in the nightmares, so that I was sunk in upset, hurry in impulsion, almost stressed, sometimes killingly breathless or even dripping wet with rain tears. So it’s really fantastic to me when I wake up.
On the other hand, I had some greatly sweet dreams which pleased me more than ever. One of the reasons is that I was in a long heavy sleep. It seems to be true to life and estimates I expect them to be ever-continuing without any interruption by waking me up. How awesome!

There’s no more nonsense…
No more impractical…
No more romantic…

But in my dreams, I can find my pieces, my world, my awesomeness…


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