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New school year started

Posted on: Tháng Chín 5, 2010

No more time for vacation, we need to back to our MAJOR.

5 weeks for holidays isn’t short but it’s not enough for me (for us) to make the most of all that we wanna do (of course, it’s never enough, lol). Partly b’cos I have more plans to do than last year’s and b’cos I love to have more and more time for laziness, for lying and reading, for getting up late then have brunch and doing s.t nonsense that I like to, no matter how I got complaints, haha. How stubborn!

Anyway, having a whale of a time makes me feel relax and energetic to step up this school year [comfort myself], so it’s time to be well-prepared for the challenges.

3rd-year junior


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